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The UGP-10 is a 10cu/ft. propane refrigerator similar to the old Servel units.  Fridge is 7.9cu/ft. or 224 litres, freezer is 2.1cu.ft. or 59 litres. with reversible doors.  Front mounted controls, piezo igniter & CO monitor.  It fits inside the same footprint as the Consul and Dometic propane fridges, but provides a greater storage capacity. 

Btu = 1500/hr max - 750/hr min

Dimensions: (HxWxD)
Boxed: 65" x 25 1/2" x 31 1/2"
Unboxed: 62 1/2" x 23 5/8" x 30"  

Warranty is 1 year all parts - point of purchase


Call for current price 

shipping + taxes not included

Prices subject to change without notice

Call 1-888-754-5054

3076 Barons Road, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9T-4B5 

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