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                            Stylish and Functional - Combining the capacity of a larger fridge with the exterior dimensions to fit in a more confined space, the UNQ-13 fits ALL your needs!

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Unique 13cu/ft. Refrigerator Closed

UNQ 13

Unique 13cu/ft. Refrigerator Open

UNQ 13

Unique 13cu/ft. S/S Refrigerator Closed

UNQ 13 S/S

Unique 13cu/ft. S/S Refrigerator Open

UNQ 13 S/S

Efficient & Ergonomically Designed - Specifically designed to suit all your needs with unprecedented interior space and clean, modern styling. The Unique UGP-13 boasts removable glass shelves and crispers making the interior every bit as attractive as the exterior. A huge 3.2 cubic foot freezer provides space for your ice cream, meat and even bags of ice for your drinks!

Innovative Modular Coil - Specifically designed for ease of use, this modular cooling system can be removed and sent separately for recharging, repair or replacement. This reduces shipping costs and minimizes the potential for damage to the fridge.

CSA Certified - Most provinces in Canada require all propane-refrigerators to be fitted with safety devices (i.e. carbon monoxide monitor or direct vent capability) to receive CSA approval. It is illegal to install a non-approved unit. Installing a non-approved/non-certified unit may void your cottage/home insurance coverage, either in Canada or the United States!

Operation:  Propane Only

Dimensions: (HxWxD)
Boxed: 76" x 30" x 34"
Unboxed: 69" x 26" x 31 1/2"

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UNQ 13
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