We Have Vancouver Islands largest selection of Propane Refrigerators!

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Consul 7.8cu/ft. Refrigerator

Consul 8.0cu/ft.

Unique 10cu/ft.

UNQ 10cu/ft.

Unique 13cu/ft. Refrigerator

Unq 13cu/ft.

Unique 13cu/ft. S/S Refrigerator

Unq 13 S/S

Unique 15cu/ft. Refrigerator

Unq 15cu/ft.

Unique 15cu/ft. S/S Refrigerator

Unq 15 S/S

  Unique 18cu/ft. Refrigerator

Unq 18cu/ft.

Unique 18cu/ft. S/S Refrigerator

Unq 18 S/S

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