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Propane Fridge 8.0cu/ft.                                 Propane Fridge 8.0cu/ft.

This is simply a great quality fridge, and we offer it in the CM (CO monitor) and SV (Safe-T-Vent�) models. For a cost-effective mid-sized 7.8 cu/ft fridge, the Consul can�t be beat.   After years of development and over a decade of use, it�s the answer for small cabins, airtight rooms or locations using older woodstoves. The Safe-T-Vent� works just like a direct vent fireplace. The system takes air from outside and after combustion safely allows flue gases to exit the building, therefore not using any inside air. The innovative design allows for easy installation with a very small exterior outlet.  Certified for all provinces and states in North America.  For more information/details on the Safe-T-Vent� please contact us.

Propane Only

Dimensions: (HxWxD)
Boxed: 58" X 26" X 30"
Unboxed: 56" X 24 1/4" X 28"  

Call for current prices:

UGP8.0CM (CO Monitor)

  UGP8.0SV (Safe-T-Vent)

 UGP7.8CM - S/S (Stainless Steel look with CO Monitor)   

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